Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I realized that no matter how you try to live your life the best way you know how, there will always be people who want to ruin what good thing you have. I don’t know why they do it but I sure do know how they’re doing it. ‘Tis a small world after all (sing with me!) and everyone’s connected in one way or another (news do travel fast you know). I pray for them. And for myself. Lord help me; give me patience and strength not to retaliate.

Mu na lang anay.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bad bad bad days

I had the flu last week and it was not so bad for me coz it was the holy week and I had nothing to do/nowhere to go to so I figured I’ll get better by the weekend. I did feel a bit better so my roomie and I decided we will celebrate easter by going to mass and hanging at the mall. So we left early in the morning to have breakfast and hear mass. Although we had a hearty breakfast at one of my favorite places, I felt that something was not right about what I was eating. So we ate and went to the chapel for the mass. When we reached the chapel, everything spiraled downward. Five minutes in the chapel I was feeling dizzy. I told myself it must have been my body adjusting to the shift in temperature coz the chapel had a/c and we came from the summer heat. I thought it will just pass. It didn’t. While the gospel was being read, I was feeling more dizzy, my tummy was rumbling, I got clammy and my vision started to blur. I started to panic and closed my eyes telling myseslf “don’t panic. This will be gone when you open your eyes.” It didn’t. I nudged my roomie and made her feel my arm which was already cold but I did not want to alarm her so I just said I’m going to the restroom. the cr was packed and I felt like puking and my dizziness was threatening to make me faint so I decided to take a cab and go home (my place was about 5-10mins away). Good thing manong driver was a nice soul who even offered to take me to the hospital (I said no – I was too scared for myself). When I reached home, everything I ate came out. It was terribly awful. I felt like my guts were being twisted. My roomie, who was left in the chapel was clueless to what was happening to me. She eventually found out after the mass when she went out of the chapel and read my numerous text messages (the chapel we went to had no signal for ALL networks inside it. We were told that the signals are blocked inside the chapel to ensure that the church-goers concentrate on the mass. Not exactly a bad idea  ). So she went home and found me lying in bed, super feverish but still clammy. I didn’t want to go to the hospital but she was adamant so we compromised: if my condition still stays as is by evening, I will drag my big ass out with her. Thankfully it did not come to that but my tummy still felt awful for the next two days and my flu came back so I’m still sniffing and sneezing til now.
On Monday I went to school to follow up on my thesis but sadly, my adviser wasn’t there. Having nothing to do, I decided to do some more research and after leaving the library, I passed by the atm to get some funds for the week. Bad bad bad: the machine ate my card. I immediately reported the incident inside the bank and was told to go back the next day to get my card back.
Yesterday I did just that but I was stumped. The bank won’t give me back my card because it did not have my name on it nor my signature (yes yes yes, it was my fault. I should have signed it as soon as I received it). The bank manager told me they will be mailing my card to my bank. So I had to call my bank in lilo and ask them to put my account on hold. I asked my bank to allow me to do otc transactions but I have to wait for a few days for my request to be given a response. Hokey. No more extra funds for me then. Bad bad bad.
This morning, I went to school once again but my adviser wasn’t there still and I was informed that she filed for a leave of absence and will be back on or before the week’s end (oh please let it be tomorrow!). bad bad bad.
I’ve been having bad bad bad days. food poisoning? Check! Atm kashetan? Check! Thesis delay? Check. Still having the flu? Check! it’s soooooo frustrating.

Monday, April 6, 2009

holy monday

i am having a hard time with my internet connection. i guess it's a sign: i should lessen my net activities coz of the holy week. hehehe

have a blessed holy week.

see you all soon =)