Sunday, June 15, 2014

How great would it be if we could speak our minds?

Exactly what we think when we think them? To be brave to just blurt it out with as little care as we take when we have those thoughts?

It would hurt, I'm sure. But all these people that are so easily offended would learn to toughen up eventually, right? We’d all learn to be more tolerant, if not totally understanding. And, really, isn’t courage to handle the truth, to dole it out and accept it, too.. isn’t this the better thing anyway?

Oh, but no. Instead we are polite or silent and backstab people in our minds and among our friends. We judge because we’re judged, we attack because we’re attacked. And we become less and less human and more and more cruel. Bridges get burnt. Hearts get broken. Lives let down. Hurt people hurt people constantly and effectively. 

I think we should all just stop doing that.