Saturday, May 30, 2009

it's my tatay's birthday!!

wala lang.....pease include him in your prayers...he's a senior citizen na! hahaha =)

Monday, May 25, 2009

one summer weekend

Summer 2009. I needed a new set of May 1 memories so off I went to Pagudpud with jaq and khriz and eeva and Toots and his friends for a much needed R and R. We then had a little tour of Ilocos before going back to Tuguegarao to catch our bus back home.
Travel time to Pagudpud was 6 hours because we had some pit stops and I was quite hungry by the time we got to the resort but the place was beautiful so a little hunger was okay with me =)
When we got to the place, we made a beeline for the “kusina” and started preparing our late lunch. Thanks to toots’ friends who helped cook our menu of inasal na manok, piniritong manok and the girls’ masterpiece: stuffed tilapia. Yum!
So we scarfed down everything and looked around and had moments (postcard-perfect moments, perhaps?) and took pictures. Then dinnertime came. After dinner, we had a little game called ping-pong-pang along with some alcohol (hahah…sorry EJboy, I really don’t like beer) and that’s when we really got to know each other in our little group. Then some chikahan followed suit. That’s when I found my new memories. Hahaha.
And what did we talk about? The most obvious of course: our love lives. We found out we’re mostly broken up with our (in)significant others or about to break up. And what’s funny was that our stories were very similar.
The next day, we had a hearty breakfast and went on a mini-tour of Ilocos. We went to another beach which was somewhat like boracay, only less commercialized. We also visited the windmills (that power awesome…and huge!) and the Bojeador lighthouse (we didn’t see some ghosts but someone saw someone’s underpants…khriz? Hehehe). Of course, we had to taste the local delicacies: empanada and bibingka. The empanada was really different from others I’ve tasted before and the bibingka was like that of estancia’s, only more chewy. Suffice it to say that we were fuuuuuull when we ended our Ilocos escapade.
On the way back home, I thought about what we talked about that night (and morning and while going back to Tugue) and I remember a similar conversation I had with some friends a few months back.
Breaking up is never easy. Breaking up properly is a skill some people just don’t have. And unfortunately, I ended up with two of these no-breakup-skills dudes.
Anyway, some points my friends and I agree on when it comes to breakups are as follows:
1. breakups should always be done in the flesh
- never via email, chat (ehem), phone, or text message (ouch); and never ever
have your friend break up for you (agi!!!)
2. never breakup by scheming the other party into doing it for you
- do not provoke the other party into breaking up with you; that’s being a coward
3. do not breakup on or a few days before/after a milestone
- not on your birthday or her birthday; not on Christmas, New Year or
Valentine’s day (ouch liwat ah!)…heartless pig!
4. breakups should be clear
- “things are not going well” is not a sentence that means “we’re breaking up”;
do not assume that the other party gets your “message”; do not think that by
avoiding the other party, s/he will get the message that you’re breaking up;
be clear; own up to your decision
5. never break up by cheating
- that’s just plain nasty! And that karma thing? That’s also the golden rule.
You might end up in deeper shit and your ex will get the last laugh…
So guys and girls…breaking up is hard to do. It is one of the most painful things to go through, but as they say, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Shit happens. And there will always be reasons why these shitty things happen. Meanwhile, it’s up to you to help yourself get over the breakup. I can’t do that for you. Our friends or your family can’t do that for you either. Decide that “enough’s enough”. Decide to move on and be happy.
Breakups happen because someone better is meant for us, and in due time, we’ll meet that someone.
For the meantime, we’ll always have the movies for our kilig fill. Tama ba, nancy jane? Heheheh =)


OMC! Here’s to a long-lasting friendship with you guys and girls. Tapos na ang tugue-ilocos high five. Boracay high five up next? Wheeee! =) Halong gid pirme toots, eeva, ej, kimmybear, doni, beegee, neju + cake! Palangga kamo namon! Powerhuuuuuuuuuuug =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol finale

go KRIS!!!!

KRIS for the win!!

*i love underdogs eh*

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day

We’re riding a taxi back home. It’s a long drive home. We talk about a lot of stuff. We discuss the progress of tatay’s special secret golden birthday in a week’s time. She’s excited – said she can’t wait to see how he will react. I get excited too. I love surprises and I can’t wait to pull this one off. She said the party will push through, whatever happens (we worry about some guests who have not RSVP’ed yet).

She then asks about school. I reply it’s ok; I remind her about the deal we made regarding my being on the dean’s list. She replies I’ll get my refund tomorrow after I finish my duty hours. She knows I plan to use it to buy my dad’s bday present. She says she’s happy that I heeded her “suggestion” (coercion maybe? hahaha) to take up pharmacy and though I am not into it still, I will learn to love the course and will see the reason/s why I am where I am right now. I tell her that I wanna prove I’m not a quitter and besides, I’m really beginning to like it; I’m even enjoying all the extra-co work/activities I participate in. She tells me she appreciates it and that she’s happy because had I left and gone to another school, we would not have spent more time together, even just like this moment. I give her a kiss. She smiles that big smile I soooo love and gives me a kiss and a hug back.

She said her leg hurts – said it’s prolly because of the barefoot procession we joined the other day and the trip she took yesterday. She lifts her leg and I notice that it’s a bit edematous. I don’t like what I see. I tell her we should go see a doctor. She agrees.

We reach the hospital. After she talks to the doctor, she tells me she’s checking herself in. She instructs me to go home, says she’ll be fine; says I better go and rest at home because I have duty tomorrow; says to tell dad to go there and stay with her instead.

I follow what she says but I first kiss her again and give her a big hug.

The next day she had her first heart attack. I did not know ‘til I got to the hospital after my duty. I got pissed. I went to her and told her I love her, asked her to fight. She couldn’t talk because of a tube attached to her but she scribbles her messages on a notebook dad prepared and left by her bedside. She scribbled “(I’ll) try. Take care of lola. And bim. And tatay. Pray. Love you”. I hold back my tears.

My brother and I talked to her doctor and the doctor said she’ll be fine; said she’s got a good chance to recover and that we should not worry.

The following day she had her second attack.

I got so pissed. I talked to her doctor again. She said the same thing she said the previous day.

I believed the doctor. Still. I held on to her doctor’s words. She’ll be okay.

My dad’s birthday came. She was in a coma already. We had dad’s birthday celebration inside and outside the ICU. Our “guests” were the folks of the other ICU patients and whoever visited that day (not that they could come in and really see her). Even Tito Berting (Arch Piamonte, her cousin) was there; he “talked” to her and prayed with her. The people in the ICU were curious why we’re having a party. I told them she said the party should push though. Whatever happens.

My brother and I had some time together. We talked. I asked him how he feels. He replied he’s ok. He’s positive she’ll be alright. I told him that if worse comes to worst, it’ll just be me and him and dad. He’ll have to trust me and listen to me coz I’ll be “nanay” then. He said he trusts me but we’ll have to talk about everything first before making a decision. I agreed. I love my brother for that.

After the “party” I was left in the ICU to stay with nanay. I think I must have had 8 cans of coke at least just so I can stay awake the whole night.

The next day tatay and bim arrived to relieve me of my duty. I went home.

As soon as I got home, the phone rang. It was my brother asking me to go back to the hospital ASAP.

“Check mate”. That was all he said.

My heart shattered.

I hurried back to the hospital.

She’s gone.

I went to her side. She was still warm. I keep stroking her forehead and holding her hand. Tita May tells me I can still talk to her, she can still hear me.

I did just that. I asked her why she did not wait for me to come back. I told her I love her and will always think of her. I promised her I will take care of lola, and bim, and tatay. I said goodbye.

They wheel her out of the ICU.

Then I totally lost it.

I regret going home that morning. I hated myself for not being there while she was being revived. I still had a lot of things I wanted to say to her.

That was May 31, 1998. Eleven years ago. And I only talked about this now.

They say time heals all wounds.

Not this one. Not any time soon.

It still hurts. I still feel bad. I still hate myself for not being there that time. I still find it hard to live in a world where she doesn’t anymore.

Saying that I mss her is an understatement. I miss the hugs, the kisses, the long talks, our travels, even our fights. I miss just having her beside me.

Happy mother’s day nanay. I know you’re watching over us. I love you and I always think of you. Thank you for 18 wonderful years together.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

killing time

I love to read. Drop me off at any bookstore and you can come back for me a few hours later, still not bored, probably curled up at a corner reading or scanning through at least 3 books/magazines.
It’s such a wonderful way to pass time. Time’s not actually wasted coz I get to learn about something different each time I’m there.
Yesterday I went to the bookstore near my place and the following caught my attention:

1. What Shamu taught me about life, love and marriage by Amy Sutherland

How the secrets of the wild kingdom’s wranglers can help with your own primate. Her rules:
1. accept that some things may never change
2. ignore the behavior you don’t want
3. and make sure you compliment the behavior you do want.
4. don’t blame yourself when the primate behaves badly.
5. pick your moments wisely
6. keep your mate happy

(hmmm…..makes sense)

2. Happiness is an Inside Job: Practicing for a joyful life by Sylvia Boorstein, Ph.D.

The book tells us that to practice “wise effort” – if you’re anxious, you can consciously decide to calm down.

(do we really need a book to tell us that?)

3. Perfumes: the Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez

A collection of over 1200 critiques of different scents. Hilarious!

(I love perfumes so this one’s just my type!)

4. Pugad Baboy XX

PM Junior’s 20th. Polgas. Mang Dagul. Brosia. Everyone else. Need I say more?

5. Marie Claire’s last issue

sniff sniff =(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

khrizna's going away "party" at her favorite place..hahaha

bye bye khriz!

pretty nails

what i read

her favorite hangout

that's how much we drank!

bad bad bad

things are not going well for me today. i got locked out just this afternoon and when we got home, wet from the pouring rain, my roomies and i were shocked to see our pad flooded! OMFG! apparently, our 5gal water container "slipped" and caused the flood. i dunno how that happened but when we got home, we just saw the container on the floor and water everywhere.
i just finished mopping.
wanted to vent.

Monday, May 4, 2009


It's just been a year and yet you've become one of my dearest friends. See, it's not an age thing (hahaha). or a distance thing (10hours!! my glutes hurt!). it's about sharing resources (but please be careful naman), getting resources (stat, anyone? hahaha) emote-full moments and trinoma and starbucks and coffee bean and tea leaf (cheese cake), siomai, tokyo tokyo, jag+red bull (that didn't push through)...and tugueg-locos + OMC syempre!

last year we had our little celebration in the middle of the night at jaq's. this year i know you're celebrating it with your girl and your powerhug friends so i hope you enjoy your day.

i wish you a happy, healthy life. you're a good person and you deserve all the best.
thanks for being a friend and for introducing me to those wonderful people. god bless you and your loved ones always.

take care of eeva coz she's just awesome. give her a big hug and kiss from me =)

nurture your omc friendship. always make time for them (ehem) and take care of those who need you most when the moment calls for it(ehem ehem). be a role model to the younger ones (ehem ehem ehem) too. i've never met a bunch of cool, sensitive guys til a few days ago (naks! OMC nga eh) and as i've said, i'm super thankful for that. next year ulit...hopefully.

so...happy birthday! powerhug! high five! kiss kiss, hug hug! BILPOT!

bad noon

ok..i was set to post something about my recent adventure but lo and behold, i got into an OC moment and started cleaning the pad. so i was done and i took out the trash. and then.....I GOT LOCKED OUT!
so here i am, waiting for the locksmith (who btw charges way toooo much) so i can get in. bad bad bad =(