Friday, December 31, 2010

part 2


I decided to start new habits and get rid of bad ones. So far, so good. i hope i can keep them for another year.


I accompanied the interns for their manu duties and it was a blast. learned a lot. looking forward to next year's schedule!



lots of kilig moments this year. not for me though but hey, the kilig-ness is contagious! =)


There are times when I feel lost and this year, this feeling came every so often that I sometimes feel scared. I don’t know if what I’m doing is the right thing for me. I don’t know if the decisions I make are the right ones. I don’t know a lot of things.


monsters are not necessarily those we imagine them to be like - ugly, scary. most monsters are those who look beautiful on the outside and yet are reeking with filth inside. i met a lot of these monsters this year, some even pretended to be my friends.

New experiences

This year brought a lot of new experiences for me. I went to Boracay and tried stuff for the first time. I attended a conference all by myself (I was first hesitant at first because I was told I will be traveling with a coteacher but due to budget constraints, I was the only one allowed to attend it. I got pissed but it was a nice experience). I traveled to new places alone (and got lost a few times but hey, chalk it up to experience!). There were just a lot of firsts this year and though not everything was easy, I’m glad to have been through those experiences.


being online has helped me with all the stuff i've been dealing with.


I took a more active role as adviser of our student publication and it was quite tough but I am enjoying it and I am learning from it.

Quarterlife crisis

this has been going for a few years already. hahaha.


i attended quite a number of reunions this year and each one was a happy event with lots of memories made.

Simbang gabi

I finished another round of simbang gabi this year. Yay!!!

Teaching load

During the first sem I taught PharInfo, Bioethics, PharOr. Not really new subjects to me but there were a lot of challenges esp with PharInfo. My schedule was ok except for my Saturday classes. This second sem, I handle PBSci. Not new to me as well but this time I was given both the lecture and the laboratory classes when I used to just handle the lab classes. Tough. I feel like a student again, reading and reading and doubting myself if what I am doing is correct. I also do not like my schedule. 7am-5pm every freaking day with a 3-hr break in between. I hate my broken schedule. I am still learning to cope with it.




I attended quite a number of weddings this year and will be attending more next year. Seems to me that getting married is the “in” thing for people my age. Therefore, I am not “in”. Hahaha.

Xs (exes)

2010 reintroduced me to my exes. i don't get that ugly feeling whenever i think of them anymore but i honestly don't wanna be friends with them. i have enough friends already, thank you very much.

Young Pharmacy Group

planning to start this officially in 2011 but seeds were planted in 2010


That’s what I surely need more of.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My 2010 Alphabet part 1

This year came so fast that I barely had time to breathe and reflect on all the happenings. It has been a cycle of ups and downs, highs and lows. I thought of doing this a few weeks back but I was finally able to sit down and really think about this just now. So here goes part 1.

Apothecarian council

I’ve always admitted that I am an Epsilon girl but ever since I started in San Ag, the Apo was given to me and I have always welcomed the advisorship with open arms. This year, I was given the chance to be with the Epsilon but I chose to stick with the Apo because the council is already like family and this year’s lineup was something I am very happy about. And I was not disappointed. They all hit it off well. There were a lot of challenges that faced the council but despite the glitches, they pulled off an amazing Pharmacy week which made everyone happy and proud to be part of the Pharmacy family. I am really really proud of them.

B Boracay

Last year, I went on a trip to Tuguegarao with some friends from graduate school and this year was my turn to bring them here. We went to Boracay and it was a helluva vacation! Plus, they stayed in the city for a few more days after Boracay, thus the vacation was extended. I’ve always held on to the idea that we learn more when we travel and we get to know persons better when we live with them. These were all satisfied and I am just too happy to say that I have wonderful memories with these friends who I’ve gotten close with and I hope for more memories to be made with them.


Christmas is and will always be my favorite holiday. It brings out the little girl in me. I love buying and wrapping presents. I love fixing our tree and seeing just about everywhere all decked out – shining shimmering, splendid! Most of all, I love it that Christmas brings together friends and family members. So far, I’ve been to a few reunions/parties and they were all happy events. Christmas is magic. This year I spent Christmas just with my boys. We had our usual Christmas thing and it was a great one. I got some pretty good gifts too!


This year took a lot of people I know. I lost two students, a neighbor, three friends’ dads, my uncle and my lolo (who even died on the same day!).

Estafa, anyone?

Late this year, my close/childhood friends and I found out that we were duped by a childhood friend. We have a little business over the past three years or so and everything was going great until this year. Since she was a childhood friend, we trusted her with our money but then she just disappeared. And then we found out that she took more money from some of our other acquaintances. My friends and I lost a huge amount of our hard earned money but apart from that, I lost my friend. I never thought this would happen to our group. We’re like family and nobody shits on family.

Friends and family

I made some friends this year and some I’ve gotten closer to over these months. Some friends also went home this year and it was so nice catching up with them. True, we have our social networking sites but still nothing beats having that other person sit across you and talking over a lot of topics.

On the other hand, our family had its ups and downs this year. We lost in the elections but it was a blessing in disguise because now the family can focus on just being one big happy family. As my uncle said, we can always help other people even if we’re not in power anymore. We also lost some relatives but we had new additions to the family as well.


This year I decided to go green along with my family. We’re not giving up meat (shoeskow indi pwede!) but we took steps to making our home and our lives a little greener. It wasn’t that hard as I thought and I hope to continue this effort through the years to come.

Part 2 to follow soon =)

Friday, December 24, 2010

misa de gallo

every year i attend the misa de gallo and usually i go to nine different churches for each day. this year, however, i limited my church goings to two: my school's chapel (about 15mins drive away) and the church near my house.
i guess this was a better option because the sermons were "connected" more rather than when i go to different churches. each year, the gospels are the same but the realizations are different/added upon.

so what have i learned?


we are all connected in God. people may not know that, people may not like that but we are one family. we are God's family and may we never cut that off.
Do not let go of God even when others have. Hold God with one hand, grip the other person with your other hand.

letting God work himself in and through us.

Why is it so hard to listen to God? To know what he wants for us? Easy. It's because people are spoiled. When someone is spoiled, it makes it harder for the person to listen to someone else. A spoiled person enjoys immediate gratification. S/he does not know how to wait for something (even someone) s/he wants. A spoiled heart can no longer listen to God. That's why it is important for everyone to practice discipline. Delay the gratification a little bit. For when you wait for something (or someone), that something (or someone) becomes more meaningful. It's easy to take something (someone) for granted when you got it just as easy.


change is good. change for the better, that is. let us not be content with just being "okay". we can always work on being better, being the best. everything for God's glory.


people these days do not have this virtue anymore. in a world of fast food, fast wifi, fast everything, people tend to want everything, right now. that's even true with prayers. people want results fast. God's delays are not GOd's denials. Sometimes we just have to wait. God will never give us what's less for us.

taking a deeper look at things/persons

image is a big thing nowadays. we are caught by appearances that we forget to look deeper. we tend to shun what's "ugly", what's "not in" and fall for the "beautiful/cool" ones. we forget that image is just the tip of the iceberg. a person is more than just his/her face. we should dig deeper coz when we do that, me just might find a more beautiful person underneath.


we Pinoys have plenty of this. we always seem to find the positive in whatever negative that comes our way. With hope, we can face the darkness. Miracles do happen.

being a light for others

Jesus is the light of the world. we should also be lights in our own ways. in order to be a light for others, we must be light persons - have a light heart, a light disposition.


the best way to celebrate Christmas is not through the giving of material gifts but of our presence, our love - making our loved ones feel and know that we are there for them.

that's my aguinaldo post for this year.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

what i want

ok. it's time to get a bit materialistic. i always end up splurging on my loved ones but never myself. so this year, let me share my list so i'll be able to force myself to at least buy something for myself and cross them off by next week. hahaha

1. a new ipod.
i love my ipod but i seriously need a new one with bigger capacity or maybe even the itouch for a change.

2. a planner.
i love making lists and doodling and while i have my phone to track my appointments and stuff, a planner is and i guess will always be my thing.

3. a new camera
i would just love a new un-bulky point and shoot. dslrs are not for me.

4. a new bag and some shoes
i know, i know. i'm a girl. i love 'em bags and shoes!

5. books
a lot of them! i want box sets and more!

6. clothes
i am a girl. 'nuff said

7. I want to lose weight, so nothing fattening.

8. I want to take a trip with my boys.

9. A Divine Mercy chaplet from Poland would be nice.

10. a new tumbler so i can bring my coffee to school.

on the other hand,

i want time to read my backlogged books

i want to finally have that defense (i know it's my fault for being so lazy but this time i want this to happen already)

i want good health for my family

i want peace of mind

i want happy things to happen to my loved ones

i want world peace =)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket- safe, dark, motionless, airless—it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable." —

C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a lil rant

december is coming at me sooo fast! it's the 14th already and i feel like everything went by in a blur. we had a lot of stuff going on in school, with exams to boot. i am not even done with my christmas shopping. but it does take my mind off the ugly stuff i've been in. so i dunno whether i should be thankful or stressed about it.

will update soon. christmas wish list next! hahaha

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

oh December! be my friend!

it's the first day of December and i promised myself to be in "christmas mode" starting today. november was such a bitch that all of october's happiness got washed off just-like-that.

i know the month will be a bit stressful - it's christmas time after all - but i can handle stress, please just not the stress i had in november.

so help me pray for a better month, my friends. i hope for a good ending for 2010.