Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Not everybody is given the same chance in this life.
Airports make me sad. Departure or arrival - they are the same. I think I have abandonment issues.
I say please and thank you. I expect you to do the same.
I pray the rosary every night.
At elementary, the thought of entering the convent crossed my mind.
I've never been called in the Principal's office. Maybe I should have been.
I never liked clubs or clubbing. I'd rather be sitting somewhere having good conversation.
I stay away from malicious people. I am excellent at tuning out people.
It's not easy for me to make friends.
It rains wherever I get my car washed and shiny. I have a cloud over my head.
I have a younger brother i looooooooooooooooove to bits!
I adore fine things in life. I am also okay without most of them.
My mother is the most glamorous woman I know. My father is the most intelligent man. Now if only I had this winning combination.
I have a problem saying no.
My mistakes are irreparable. So I charge them to experience.
Life is all about coming and going, in and out, with or without, staying or leaving. One cannot build without breaking, or break without building.
How do you shield the ones you love from pain?
My father wanted to name me Augusta. Shit.
I seldom curse. Honest.
I admire gentlemen. I really do. And chivalry is not dead.
I like words like Sir and Ma'am, please and thank you.
I am a loyal friend and I don't get jealous of them. I am always happy for them.
During a difficult time, my friend wrote me: There is nothing that requires undoing, I know that you make sensible decisions for yourself so don't second guess that.
I don't ask for the same favour when I've been refused the first time.
At 14, I wrote my first novel. It was a school project. I realized then I could never write a novel.
I don't apologize for what I am. I get sad for what I have not become.
I am very sad right now.
Ask if you need anything from me. I will not approach. I am terrible at guessing and I am not a mind reader.
What is it about the signs on doors that I never get? I have a problem differentiating push from pull. I also walk into glass doors!
Love and hate are two words I never use unless I mean them.
I absolutely hate retrieving voicemail messages. I also hate paying bills.
I don't respond well to intimidation.
I love mango, avocado, papaya and banana. Apple is evil.
I don't drink milk
Idiosyncracies make one interesting.
I don't forget bad things. They are not repressed. They are controlled.
I like Philosophy.
When I break, I am broken forever. Time does not heal, and the heart does not regenerate. That piece is gone. Time only helps me learn how to live without that piece.
I disappear when hurt. The deeper the wound, the harder for me to crawl out of my shell.
I wish I never stopped playing the violin.
I used to be in a choir.
Books are the only things I want to bring to heaven.
It's nice when people say I'm sweet.
I wish I were proficient enough to spill what is contained in me into stories. Alas, words in abundance is not a gift bestowed on me.
Being out of place is normal for me. I don't pretend I fit in.
I love traveling but I always get seasick/airsick/carsick.
I do pay attention. Everything I see or feel is contained in me.
I'm not sure which hurts the most: when I tell the truth, or talk less or say nothing at all.
I wake up in the middle of the night and feel pain. I feel it in places I can't recognize.
I'm not difficult. Sometimes i can be a pushover.
Everyone has a sliver of superficiality in him/her. I am in denial about this sometimes.
Please do not overestimate my ability to understand.
I have a great sense of humor. No one is required to get it.
I am socially inept. If you are one of those who assume I am snotty, you are 50% correct.
When I walk in a room, I pick up vibes right away.
I am a crybaby.
My favorite holiday is Christmas.
I am neither a trouble maker nor a spoiled girl.
Being spoiled by someone is a privilege I deny to myself.
What is North, South, East, West? I can't read maps!
By the time you finish reading this list, you will have already formed an opinion about me. After all you've known me well enough after reading this post in..what... 5 minutes? In 25 minutes!?! (tsk, you're a slow reader!)
I am a fast reader.

Tell me your secrets.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

a thought lately

when i see people do the things they do, i sometimes stop and wonder if what i'm doing is actually the right thing