Thursday, August 25, 2016

another year, another dollar

I have been feeling really anxious lately and I realized I am about to turn another year older (and wiser? Lol).

I have a lot of "what ifs" and "Whys" and "Shoulda/coulds/woulda"s lately and I forgot about the good things that happened. I completely forgot about the challenges I overcame or the wonderful places I visited, and the amazing people I met along the way.

A year ago, I gave up something that everyone was telling me to keep. It was something that was no longer making me happy. It didn't take much to decide on saying no to that thing, it caused me sleepless nights and a lot of heartaches. Giving that up was the best decision i have made last year. It freed my heart of anger, of sadness, of anxiety.

People called me foolish. No. I was brave.

I turned 15 years in the academe. Wow. 15. Didn't even feel the years pass by.

I "let go" of my baby brother, when he moved away to study for his licensure exam. Well, i had to come with him and stay for two weeks first, but i let go. It was long time coming.

A year ago, I traveled abroad alone. After a 3 yr "travel abroad drought". It was exhilarating! I missed that feeling!

I also gave travelling abroad with someone a chance. It was a whole new different experience. I had to think of my travel buddy and compromise on itineraries. We had to make sure we agree where to eat, what to do, how much to spend.  I learned a lot. We both learned a lot from each other. It was another kind of happy.

So, Japan next, I guess!

A year ago, I traveled to many new places and met new people who taught me how to be braver, how to be wiser, how to enjoy life despite and in spite of challenges. I mat wonderful people who share my views, and some who didn't. BUT I learned from all of them, and it really is amazing how people are alike yet different at the same time.

I found out who my real friends are. I found people who believed in me and supported my decisions, and who stayed even if I was difficult to be with. I am glad and very thankful for these people who sat by me when I wanted to stay a little bit more in the dark.

A lot more happened and looking back, I have plenty to be grateful for.

I still have a lot that I want to happen, that I want to do and accomplish. But learning from last year, I will just have to take them one day at a time.

So, here's to another year, self! Let's make this awesome once more!

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