Saturday, February 27, 2016


I heard mass yesterday. During the homily, the priest talked about lines. Lines that we draw that separate us from others. He said that we draw lines that separate us because of many reasons: our status in life, positions in office, etc. These lines divide and create confusions and problems.

"A line is a collection of points along a straight path that goes on and on in opposite directions. A line has no endpoints."
- Webster Dictionary

I thought about the homily and the lines I draw. The lines I drew. And why I drew them.

 I used not to. I was always the girl who wanted to belong, who wanted to make sure that everyone else do not feel left out. I just wanted everyone to get along.

But that led to hurt, frustration, even heartbreak. I was labeled "ksp". I was called a lot of things, and was made fun of.

So I drew lines. I continued to draw lines. The priest is right. It divides and causes problems. But lines also separate the people that matter from those that don't. Lines protect. Lines make my life a bit clearer. safer.

Do I want to take back the lines I drew? Some, maybe. And some, I would've drawn sooner than later.

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